Namco C352

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Namco 352
Manufacturer(s) Fujitsu
Designer(s) Namco
Release Date(s) 1993
Type(s) 8-bit PCM, 8-bit µ-law PCM, Noise generator
Amount of channels 4 (quadraphonic)
Amount of voices 32
VGM support since 1.71

The Namco C352 is a 32-voice 4-channel sound chip designed by Namco. It succeeded the C140 as the sound chip used in most Namco arcade games during the mid and late 1990s, starting with Ridge Racer in 1993. The VGM Specification supports this chip since version 1.71.


The C352 has 32 voices, which can play PCM samples or white noise on up to 4 channels. Volume control is independent for each channel, allowing surround panning. 8-bit PCM samples as well as 8-bit µ-law samples from a sample ROM up to 16 megabytes in size. Several effects are supported, such as frequency modulation, phase inversion on selected channels, as well as backwards and bidirectional playback. While the maximum length of looping samples is 65536 bytes, longer non-looping samples can be seamlessly linked together.

The C352 does not support hardware volume envelopes, this has to be done by the sound driver instead.

Compared with the C140, the C352 can address more memory, has twice the amount of output channels, and the usual sampling rate is about twice as high. Registers are also 16 bits wide rather than 8 bits.



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