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ROMIcon.png Konami K053260
Konami 053260 KDSC
Manufacturer(s) Konami
Release Date(s) 1990
Amount of channels 2 (stereo)
Amount of voices 4
VGM support  ?


The 053260 is a four voice PCM/ADPCM sound chip that also incorporates four 8-bit ports for communication between a main CPU and audio CPU. The chip's output is compatible with a YM3012 DAC, and it has a digital auxiliary input compatible with the output of a YM2151. Some games (e.g. Simpsons) only connect one channel of the YM2151, but others (e.g. Thunder Cross II) connect both channels for stereo mixing.

The 053260 has a 21-bit address bus and 8-bit data bus to ROM, allowing it to access up to 2 megabytes of sample data. Sample data can be either signed 8-bit PCM or a custom 4-bit ADPCM format. It is possible for two 053260 chips to share access to the same ROMs (used by Over Drive) The 053260 has separate address and data buses to the audio CPU controlling it and to the main CPU. Both data buses are 8 bit. The audio CPU address bus has 6 lines (64 addressable registers, but fewer than 48 are actually used) while the main CPU "bus" has only 1 line (2 addressable registers). All registers on the audio

CPU side seem to be either read-only or write-only, although some games write 0 to all the registers in a loop at startup (including otherwise read-only or entirely unused registers). On the main CPU side, reads and writes to the same address access different communication ports.

Arcade Games

The K053260 is used in: