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VGM2PRE is a program to save instrument presets from VGMs to formats usable in various trackers and sequencers. It was originally written by NeoLogiX in C++.



YM2612 (FM)
Presets from VGMs with YM2612 data can be dumped to VGI, TFI, TYI, EIF, DMP, and Y12 instrument formats, as well as the GYB instrument collection format.
YM2612 (sampled)
Dumping of sampled audio from YM2612 VGMs is currently not supported, though there are plans to include it in the future.
YM2151 (FM)
Dumping of FM presets from VGMs with YM2151 data to the OPM instrument collection format is slated for the next major release of VGM2PRE.


r57shell at SpritesMind Forums wrote a tool, YM2612 Instrument Converter, to convert between the above YM2612 instrument formats; that tool assumes the user has instruments in these formats already rather than simply dumping them anew from VGMs. It also supports converting to/from GEMS and SMPS format files, though to/from GYB is not. It is currently only known to handle YM2612 format presets.