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Victor Company of Japan, Ltd., or simply Victor or JVC (or both), is a company that provides electronic products, mainly video recorders, video tapes, digital cameras, and various other products. However, you must choose what thing related to JVC you must want to.

  • Pack-In-Video, the software/game division of JVC, sometimes known as Pack-In-Soft;
  • Victor Interactive Software, a merging of Pack-In-Video with Victor Entertainment, which lasted until 2003, when it was acquired by Marvelous Entertainment and became Marvelous Interactive, which later merged with AQ Interactive and Liveware, and became Marvelous AQL;
  • Electronic Arts Victor, a joint-venture between Electronic Arts and Victor, in order to exporting EA games to the japanese market. Some games are not developed neither by EA or Victor, and just acted as a publisher instead;
  • JVC HC-7GB, a 8-bit personal computer compatible with the MSX standard;
  • Victor WonderMega, a Mega Drive with a Mega-CD in one unit;
  • JVC X'Eye, the US version of the WonderMega;
  • Victor V-Saturn, a clone of the Sega Saturn released only in Japan.