4D Boxing

Sound chips: YM3812 Sound Blaster DAC
Systems: PC/AT PC/XT
Composers: Brian Plank Kris Hatlelid Michael J. Sokyrka
Developer: Distinctive Software
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release date: 1991
01. Title Screen 0:32 + 0:32
02. The Gym 0:37 + 0:36
03. Pre-Fight Cutscene 0:36 + 0:36
04. Title Won & Hall of Fame 0:26 + 0:26
Total: 2:10 + 2:09
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2017-01-02 NewRisingSun Initial release.
1.01 2017-09-29 NewRisingSun Moved PCM Data block to the beginning of the file. Removed redundant stream control commands.
1.02 2018-03-31 Valley Bell Optimized PCM stream commands.
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Uses the Sound Blaster DAC for drums.
The earlier European release of the game
("4D Sports Boxing", published by Mindscape)
has completely different music.


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