AntZ Racing

Sound chip: Game Boy DMG
System: Game Boy Color
Composer: Christophe Zurfluh
Developers: LSP RFX Interactive
Publisher: Acclaim
Release date: 2001-06-01
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2019-04-09 Lu9 Initial release.
1.10 2020-04-08 Valley Bell Removed superfluous KeyOn commands from VGM init.
7 ratings • 242 downloads • 2115 views
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All of the jingles have unintended noise at the
beginning, it is not possible to remove unless
commands to the noise channel are disabled.
  Fixed. -Valley Bell

Missing "Lose/Crash" Jingle and "Win" Jingle.
(Not possible to disable car engine sounds)

Generated with MAME 0.200 VGM mod.


Source: VGMRips

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