Black Knight 2000

Sound chips: YM2151 DAC
System: Williams System 11B
Composers: Brian Schmidt Dan Forden Steve Ritchie
Developer: Williams
Publisher: Williams
Release date: 1989-04-04
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2015-08-28 ctr Initial release
1.10 2018-02-21 Valley Bell Added screenshot, thanks to Kaminari
25 ratings • 1177 downloads • 14188 views
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It was requested, so here it is.

I used a modified version of MAME to log the
DAC used by this game.

The CVSD speech samples were ripped separately,
and then sequenced using Audacity and a quick
and dirty tool of mine.

I used the 32X PWM channel to play the ripped
samples. I decided to oversample the speech
samples, since the CVSD adds some high freq
noise and I don't think the samples sound right
without it. Since the PWM channel normally only
outputs around 22khz, please set the "Chip
Sample Mode" to "highest" to hear the samples
as they should sound like.

The "Hurry Up Bonus" jingle is missing, as I
could not find the ID for it.

Since this is a pinball game, there is no
ingame screenshot. Kaminari took a backglass
hires scan and turned it into a pretty nice


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