Crackout (US prototype)

Sound chip: NES APU
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Composers: Hidenori Maezawa Hiroshi Takeyasu Jun Funahashi
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Palcom
Release date: 1991 (unreleased)
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-10-21 RN22 Initial release.
1.10 2022-11-17 RN22 Separated each VGM packs by region as Valley Bell suggested. The full notes description can be seen on this pack.
1.11 2022-12-09 Valley Bell Fixed song titles.
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Ver. 1.10 update:
VB suggested that I need to separate this
VGM pack each region.

1986 Arkanoid Kaizo clone game made
by Konami.

This is a US prototype version of Crackout
where tempo and pitch are speed-up, due to
frequency changed at 60Hz, the same as the
JP release, but failed to convert the music
of it.

ROM suffix notes before you judge:
A stands for Australia
E stands for Europe
U stands for USA
J stands for Japan

Nazo no Kabe: Block Kuzushi literally
translates to "Riddle Of The Wall:
Block Destruction" or "The Wall Riddle:
Block Destruction" according to
MrNorbert199s's .nsf file.

Track names are taken from "KONAMI FAMICOM
CHRONICLE Vol.1: Disk System Compilation
[EMCA-0018]" As well as YouTube version by
the channel name "mercedes serradilla

Staff Roll are missing in the .nsf file on
both NTSC and PAL musics. Messing thru
debugger didn't work. To do this, I played
the entire LEVEL 4, to play that song! It
was hard, like a f**king KAIZO!!!
I was dumb. Dekyo-NO stated that the .nsf
version of this was updated. Downloading
MrNorbert1994's NSF archive occupying my
storage space! But thankfully, I did manage
to rip this f**king game!

Staff Roll track are exclusively included
to US proto and EU versions of this game.
This track was not present in the JP release.

US Prototype version plays at 60Hz. While the
PAL (European) plays at 50Hz, the same as the
japanese version too, but plays at 60Hz. To
be clear, the prototype version has pitched
up by +1 due to frequency. However, EU and JP
versions have speed issues if you compare
those two region soundtrack.

According to TCRF, "When releasing the game
in Europe, the developers tried to properly
convert the game to PAL to account for the
differences between it and NTSC. However,
the game still ends up running just a bit
slightly slower in the European version than
it does in the original Japanese version.
This is most notable with the soundtrack to
the game. I included the European Version,
in case European VGM listeners wanted to
listen their own version of Crackout.

VB, sorry. But I have to include all of the
musics each region, since VGM frequencies are
only supported on the Genesis consoles, not on
the other systems like the NES, etc. Since
foo_vgm, in_vgm, and other types of players
can't change the tempo, except foo_gep, iirc.

Although, they have separate playlist. So you
don't want to play the same duplicate music.

Screenshots are taken from TCRF, credits to

Generated by NEZplug v0.9.4.8 + 2 + 19.20
VGM Mod.

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