Crayon Shin Chan Orato Asobo

Sound chip: YM2610
System: Arcade Machine
Composers: Hideo Saito Yasuko Yamada Yasuo Kosugi
Developers: Taito NJK Techno
Publisher: Taito
Release date: 1993-12
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2010-10-15 Mills Initial release.
1.10 2010-10-15 Valley Bell Files tagged.
1.15 2021-10-02 marklincadet Much-needed retagging, screenshot updated.
1.16 2022-07-18 Valley Bell Fixed file names.
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The YM2610 is a very good synth, so it re-
creates very well the "real" songs from the
famous TV show, hope you like them.
Sorry for the song names, I didn't know how to 
name them.


Source: VGMRips

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