Data East's Stadium Hero '96

Sound chip: YMZ280B
System: Deco MLC System
Composer: Hiroaki Yoshida
Developer: Data East
Publishers: Data East (JU) Tuning (E) Dream Island (K)
Release date: 1996
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-10-25 RN22 Initial release.
Size reductions
vgm_sro56 MB1.64 MB2.9%
7 ratings • 225 downloads • 1713 views
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1996 sequel by Data East. Released only on
the MLC system.

I don't play baseball, and I also don't know
the rules of that game. But I'll try my best
to rip it, and to tag it.

Track names are officially made by me, because
there's no official OST of this game except,
the original 1988 game.

vgmlpfnd does not work in this rip. Instead,
I only use manual trim and looping to get the
sample point right.

The korean version of this game are not yet
dumped. But if you look at the blog (shown
on the external links section), you can see
that the korean version was distributed by
the company called "Dream Island" (IDK if it's
a company or not). I hope I can get the
korean version of this game someday, and then
ROM-dumping it to add another screenshot from
this pack.

Hiroaki Yoshida was called "MARO" as seen on
the staff roll.

Track 14 might be similar to Track 04, but
I don't think i've ever heard this track
in-game. I'll just leave it unknown name
for now. And if you know what this unknown
track belongs from, PM me and let me know.

Note: This VGM pack uses ADPCM streams to
play the musics, and seeking does not
working properly.

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Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 56.0 MB -> 1.64 MB (2.94 %)
Total: 56.0 MB -> 1.64 MB (2.94 %)

External links:
Stadium Hero '96 (Korean Ver. 1):
Stadium Hero '96 K.Ver (Another blog):


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