Dengeki Nurse

Sound chips: YM3438 RF5C68
System: FM Towns
Composer: Naoki Kanamori
Developer: Cocktail Soft
Publisher: IDES
Release date: 1992-12
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-06-29 marklincadet Initial Release.
Size reductions
optvgmrf5.73 MB4.7 MB82.0%
vgm_sro4.7 MB4.03 MB85.7%
vgm_cmp4.03 MB1.86 MB46.2%
8 ratings • 267 downloads • 1142 views
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Track titles and ordering taken from the game's
music mode, where available.

This pack does not include the Opening Theme
"Love Plasma 100%" or the Ending Theme
"Stardust Crusaders", as CDDA Redbook versions
were instead used in-game. These tracks were
included as part of a separate Mini-CD with the
PC-98 version of the game, in [ICDN-001]
Dengeki Nurse / Love Plasma 100%.

Thanks to BoxCubed for helping out with the
more complex bits of ripping this soundtrack,
especially in the trimming and optimising.

Generated by MAME 0.236 VGM mod
(mame0236-2-g1ec85877cc7) & MAME 0.244 VGM mod

Size reduction:
1. optvgmrf: 5.73 MB -> 4.70 MB (82.0 %)
2. vgm_sro: 4.70 MB -> 4.03 MB (85.7 %)
3. vgm_cmp: 4.03 MB -> 1.86 MB (46.2 %)
Total: 5.73 MB -> 1.86 MB (32.5 %)


Source: VGMRips

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