Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612 RF5C164
System: Sega CD
Composer: Stéphane Picq
Developer: Cryo Interactive
Publisher: Virgin Games
Release date: 1993
01. Sietch 1:30
02. Spice Opera 3:34
03. Water 0:33 + 0:33
04. Free Men 2:54
05. Wake Up 3:21
06. Chani's Eyes 4:55
07. Sign of the Worm 3:01
08. Too 1:05 + 1:05
09. Dune (Variation) 3:12
Total: 24:02 + 1:37
Version Date Author Description
0.90 2004-06-03 Kaminari Initial release.
1.00 2005-11-30 Kaminari The soundtrack was relogged with Kega Fusion instead of Gens.
2.00 2011-05-07 Kaminari The soundtrack was relogged with a version of Gens-GS modified by Valley Bell to support his improved VGM format 1.60. I don't think Dune made any use of the Mega CD PCM capabilities (except for the dialogues), but I nevertheless updated this package jus
2.01 2021-12-30 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
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As far as I know, this was the first public
release of a Mega CD VGM package.

The tracklist is taken from the Spice Opera OST.
A couple of Mega Drive tunes ("Spice Opera",
"Dune") are significantly shorter than their
original AdLib counterparts. "Sietch" is not
featured as such on the OST, but its drum intro
was actually merged with the opening track
"Spice Opera". For information, the OST track
"Ecolove" comes from the Amiga version and
doesn't appear in any other.

A few tunes seem to end a bit sharply without
much fadeout, but that's how they are played in
the sound test.


Source: Project2612

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