Jurassic Park

Sound chips: YM3438×2 RF5C68
System: System 32
Composers: Saeko Sasaki Maki Morrow
Developers: Sega AM-2 AM-3
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1994-02
01. Good Luck! (Start Screen) 0:06 + 0:06
02. Welcome to Jurassic Park (Scene Demo) 0:32 + 0:32
03. Must Go Faster! -Shoot at the Head!- (Area 1-1, 3-5) 0:43 + 0:25
04. Raptor's Lair (Area 1-2, 3-1, 4-1, 4-2) 0:23 + 0:23
05. Escape (Next Area) 0:08 + 0:08
06. Flocking This Way (Area 1-3) 0:24 + 0:23
07. Triceratops Rush (Area 1-4) 0:12 + 0:12
08. Toxic Stalkers (Area 1-5, 1-7, 2-1 -Half-) 0:12 + 0:12
09. Ambushed (Area 1-6, Area 2 Boss) 0:19 + 0:19
10. Stomping Around (Area 2-1, 2-2) 0:18 + 0:18
11. River Lizards (Area 2-3) 0:12 + 0:12
12. Eruption (Area 3-2, 3-3) 0:17 + 0:17
13. Free Fall (Area 3-4) 0:18 + 0:12
14. Endgame -Escape from Jurassic Park- (Area 4 Last Boss) 0:22 + 0:18
15. Victory Fanfare (Ending) 0:43
16. Staff Roll 0:11 + 0:11
17. Continue 1 0:02
18. Continue 2 0:24
19. Continue 2 (Custom Loop) 0:21 + 0:11
20. Continue 2 (Unused Loop) 0:11 + 0:11
21. Game Over 0:03
Total: 6:13 + 4:23
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2021-07-21 RN22 Initial release.
1.01 2022-01-31 RN22 Relogged in MAME 0.236, fixed tagging, reduced filesize and loop points, and added one track. Added size reduction on .txt file, and proper song listing using vgm_stat.
1.02 2022-08-09 RN22 Fixed .txt file.
Size reductions
optvgmrf88.4 MB9.04 MB10.2%
vgm_cmp9.04 MB3.08 MB34.1%
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(Ver 1.00 Notes): Sorry for my bad english.
Yet, another ripped from Sega System 32,
YAHOOO!!!! Well, it's basically Jurassic Park
from SEGA released in 1993 or 1994, I guess.
The game cabinet resembles the rear of the
Ford Explorer tour vehicles used in the film.
The player, equipped with a joystick, must
shoot dinosaurs that appear on-screen
throughout the game. The game is notable
for having a moving seat, also used in Sega's
previous 1991 light gun shooter Rail Chase.
The seat is powered by hydraulic pistons to
move the seat according to action on the
screen. The game's graphics blend
two-dimensional sprites and three-dimensional
polygons to give the sense of movement.
Jurassic Park was the first game of this genre
to include 3D environments.

A lot of people I heard that this was on
Chuck E. Cheese? Well, I did some of research
and it's true. I've never seen or visit that
place, because I lived in another country.
The truth is, I seen it on YouTube, played on
a emulator and it was horrifying. Yet, amazing
game. Like you know, some real sprite artwork,
and that is cool! But, jumpscares gives me
trauma. Screw you, SEGA! Just kidding. Love U.

Later that day, I heard some jokes about this
game that was developing of,

Imagine back in the day, SEGA be like,
''Pitch meeting: "ok, Jurassic Park ....
but meth"

-Sexy cave troll

Some other commenters says,

''Jurassic Park but epilepsy seizures.''

''This is hell portrayed by a game."

but enough of this joke! Let me tell you how
I did it.

Im using MAME 0.200 for ripping musics from
this game. Then, some vgmtools by Valley Bell,
that I used to trim these musics.
(thanks, Valley Bell. or whose making these
tool.) After that, I use audacity for samples
then Winamp to extract VGMs to WAV files.
Some vgms doesn't loop perfectly and after
the end of the song, the loop seems corrupted
by the notes, and some DAC too. but I manage
to looped it perfectly, and it works just

and BTW, thanks to ARWEI0 for the title every
single BGMs that I found it on YouTube.
Some BGMs are added and renamed by me itself.
Credit to him (Thank you ARWEI0, again.)

Welp, that is the end of these note.
Have a good listening of this terrifying,
yet beautiful soundtrack of Jurassic Park!

I forgot about this,
Confused about the title that has sub-number,
like this? (Stage 1-2) Wait, lemme explain.
If you're finished the game, you will get it.

area 1
1 shoot at the head!
2 raptor lair
3 hills with chicken mimic
4 rush triceratops
5 dilophosaurus spiting acid
6 pteranodon
7 underground with some dilophosaurus
ankylosaurus and maze like cave

area 2
1 brachiosaurus head block
2 brachiosaurus foot
3 ichthyosaurus welcome, more and more
4 dino spit on you then the trex boss

area 3
1 raptors lair but inside volcano, i think
2 burning hill with some triceratops and magma
rock will fall onto you
3 indiana jones reference (big rock rolling)
4 free fall with some pteranodon
5 the cave

area 4
1 museum
2 downstairs and some warehouse full of saurus
and suv's i think
3 two t rexes

And that's it!!
Goodbye again.

(Ver 1.01 Notes:)
UPDATE: I relogged it again on MAME 0.236, cuz
Ver 1.00's not good, bad trim. But I think it's
fine to trim it. There are some problems while
I trim each tracks. I think every track have
different drum samples on start of the track.
Tracks 03 and 00 are very hard to trim tho,
but I think it's done tho. Also, I'll fix the
proper loop later on tracks 07, 11, and 12.
Just stick in to this pack Ver 1.01. Why did I
put custom loop on track 17? Well, track 18 and
20 have the same notes, but, track 20's channel
notes are slightly high on volume than track
18, if you believe me. I also added one track,
which is the continue SFX. And I think, it be-
longs to this pack because it's included in
the sound test code, which is w@700700=81xx.
Thank you BoxCubed for helping me find the
sound test code. I also searched that code too.
Also ValleyBell for additional address points
for the System 32. I changed the track names
on Track 02, and reduced the filename texts.
Took me weeks to relogged all of the tracks.

Track names (English) are taken by ARWE10,
and me. (Japanese) Track names are taken
on M1 listing, and renamed it in proper names,
since I can't find the Japanese track names
for it.

And It's done, i guess, might be fix later.

Almost 7 months (and a half, maybe??),
till I update this pack.

Generated by MAME 0.236 VGM mod

Size reduction:
1. optvgmrf: 88.4 MB  -> 9.04 MB (10.2 %)
2. vgm_cmp:  9.04 MB  -> 3.08 MB (34.1 %)
Total: 88.4 MB  -> 3.08 MB (3.49 %)


Source: VGMRips

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