SegaSonic the Hedgehog

Sound chips: YM3438×2 RF5C68
System: System 32
Composers: Hiroshi Kawaguchi Keitaro Hanada Naoki Tokiwa
Developers: Sonic Team Hitmaker
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1993-06
01. Credit 0:02
02. Quick! Escape! 0:30 + 0:30
03. Run Run Run! 1:05 + 0:40
04. Trap Tower 1:10 + 0:49
05. I'll Get You Yet! 0:34 + 0:33
06. Ice & Water 1:39 + 1:24
07. Hot Pursuit 2:17 + 1:50
08. Eggman's Tower 1:34 + 1:32
09. Bomb! 0:14
10. Level Clear 0:04
11. All Over - Credits 2:22
12. Eggman's Tower (Beta) 1:32 + 1:32
13. Level Clear (with SFX) 0:04
Total: 13:02 + 8:45
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2011-04-04 Valley Bell Initial release.
1.01 2012-02-22 Valley Bell Completed composer names and added Japanese tags.
1.05 2012-05-16 dissident93 Changed Miyauchi to Kawaguchi (his current name.)
2.00 2022-06-22 BoxCubed Added Beta version of Eggman's Tower and Credit SFX.
2.01 2022-10-14 Valley Bell Fixed file names.
Size reductions
optvgmrf191.91 MB14.4 MB7.5%
vgm_cmp14.4 MB3.77 MB26.2%
16 ratings • 2842 downloads • 16798 views
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I got the song titles from the SegaSonic the
Hedgehog OSV on Sonic Retro.
It misses Eggman's Tower, because it isn't
accessable in the Service Mode Sound Test.
I added the game to my m1.xml file in order to
log the songs.

This game was the reason why I added the RF5C68
chip to the vgm format.
The YM3438 is actually the same as a YM2612 and
the RF5C68 is equal to the RF5C164 in Sega CD.

Most songs were logged with M1 0.7.9a1 VGM mod
and each one with MAME 0.136 and 0.140.
Trap Tower is the oldest one, ripped in July
2010, all others were ripped in Februrary 2011.

Size reduction:
1. optvgmrf: 191.91 MB -> 14.40 MB (7.50 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 14.40 MB -> 3.77 MB (26.16 %)
Total: 191.91 MB -> 3.77 MB (1.96 %)

By the way: My intial logs had about 334 MB.

I never trimmed any pack that was as hard to
trim as this one.
That's because the game uses some dynamic
channel allocation, so the notes are played on
different channels each loop. And it does this
for both the FM and PCM chips.
Sometimes when I've found a good loop point for
the FM chip, the PCM chip sounded buggy and
when the PCM chip loop was good, the FM chips
cut some notes. Very annoying.
I was glad about the few tracks with a slight
gap before the loop, because that were the only
ones that were easy to trim.

Now enjoy listening!

Valley Bell

Source: VGMRips

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