Sound chip: YM2203
System: Arcade
Composer: Tatsuya Watanabe
Developer: Kaneko
Publisher: Taito / Romstar (U)
Release date: 1988-03 (U) / 1988-04 (JW) / 1992 (hack)
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-08-15 RN22 Initial release.
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A 1988 game made by Kaneko. License and 
published by Taito and Romstar in the USA. 
I've just seen the VGM rip of this, but 
only on the Sega Genesis. So I was able to 
rip this. The problem is during logging this 
game, I've noticed that when I select the 
sound code and press the start button 
quicker or longer, it plays weird at the 
start of the music, like autofire. On what 
I do is to change MAME menu keyboard map 
binding, from "Tab" to start + coin key, 
like in MAME4droid start coin combo which 
leads to menu. It also helps playing the 
sound code without weird autofire sounds 
at the start, which is good. Another thing 
on the screenshot is, you may ask. 

"Why the hell do you renamed and put (H) 
on the .png filename, next to the title 

Well, obviously, it's a hacked version of this 
game, made in 1992. I don't know if Taito 
changed it a little, or some bootleggers 
trying to edit this. Which is why I put the 
hacked version's title .png on this pack.

I've almost forgot, why I didn't put Seiichi 
Aizu on this VGM rip? On what I've researched 
is, Seiichi Aizu did make sound effects, 
including voice-overs in the game, using 
Discrete or DAC chip, if I'm not mistaken. 
Also on the staff roll, you see his name, 
called "S. AIZU" on the sound editor "editer" 
line. On what I suspected is, this guy, on 
what I said. Is might be providing the SFX and 
voice in this game, and Tatsuya Watanabe 
provided the music of this game.

This game released on March 1988, in the US. 
The rest is on April 1988 in Japan and the 
rest of the world. Later, Hot-B make this 
game port to Sega Mega Drive / Genesis in 
1991. The hacked version on this game, is 
released in 1992 on what supposed to be a 
enhanced version of the 1988 game, and a 
accurate translation, I think?

Well, that's it. I have nothing else to say. 

Also, vampirefrog or VB, if you want to 
release this to the site officials, 
replace "The New Zealand Story" into 
"Arcade" or "Arcade Machine" If you want 
to. Or just leave it unchanged. 

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