Shogun Warriors (W) / Fujiyama Buster (J)

Sound chip: OKIM6295×2
System: Arcade Machine
Composers: Tatsuya Watanabe Yasushi Wada N. Shlton Andrew Miller Aaron Briggs Dane Jefferies
Developers: Kaneko Atop
Publishers: Sammy (J) Kaneko (W)
Release date: 1992-04-15
01. Credit SFX 0:02
02. What To Do (Character Select) 0:17 + 0:16
03. Hey! (VS. Screen) 0:06
04. Hit Factory (Shogun, Benkei Stage) 0:16 + 0:15
05. Hit Factory (Heavy Damage, Time's Running Out) 0:40 + 0:40
06. Following Festival (Winner Fanfare, Game Over) 0:03
07. Isn't it Dashing! (Results) 0:10
08. The New Man (Sabu, Ninja Stage) 0:10 + 0:10
09. The New Man (Heavy Damage, Time's Running Out) 0:34 + 0:34
10. Spycatcher (Kappa, Tengu Stage) 0:11 + 0:11
11. Spycatcher (Staff Roll, Heavy Damage, Time's Running Out) 0:40 + 0:39
12. Stick Eggplant Picture Scroll (Bonus Game) 0:04 + 0:04
13. Super League (Kabuki Stage) 0:11 + 0:11
14. Super League (Heavy Damage, Time's Running Out) 0:29 + 0:29
15. Fire and Fight in Edo (Geisha [Geisya], Goemon Stage) 0:22 + 0:22
16. Fire and Fight in Edo (Heavy Damage, Time's Running Out) 0:20 + 0:20
17. 1 Fuji, 2 Hawks, 3 Eggplants (Samurai Stage) 0:17 + 0:17
18. 1 Fuji, 2 Hawks, 3 Eggplants (Heavy Damage, Time's Running Out) 0:27 + 0:26
19. Stop! You're Ridiculous! (Sumo Stage) 0:04 + 0:04
20. Stop! You're Ridiculous! (Heavy Damage, Time's Running Out) 0:29 + 0:29
21. Sing and Dance (Oni Stage) 0:07 + 0:07
22. Continue 0:10
23. Continue (Loop) 0:02 + 0:02
24. Continue (Played once) 0:01
25. Following Festival [See You Later!] (Game Over, with voice) 0:04
26. What To Do 2 (Unused) 0:03 + 0:02
Total: 6:05 + 5:32
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-09-10 RN22 Initial release.
Size reductions
vgm_sro38.8 MB2.01 MB5.2%
vgm_cmp2.01 MB2.01 MB100.0%
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Part of Kaneko 16-based Hardware game (CALC3).
Released in 1992. Also known as Fujiyama
Buster (lit. Mt. Fuji Buster) in Japan. This
game sets on Edo period, or feudal Japan,
alongside with the sequel, Blood Warrior.

This game uses bankswitching, so every time
it plays another track, it switches banks. On
what I did to make this VGM pack possible? I
save each bank data on the 2nd OKI chip.
Then, I hex-edited it by copy-pasting the
bank data onto the VGM file, then replacing
the ROM header size. Thanks BoxCubed and
ValleyBell helping me out with these custom
bankswitching tips.

And what's interesting is I made a MUGEN
Screenpack for it before I started to make
VGMs. I know it's broken tho, but you have
to try this. MUGEN 1.1 of this game maybe
I'll update soon, and I'll use this pack for
the sounds. And that's what my username
originated with. You can find it on the
external links section to see the gameplay,
and to try it by yourself.

Fun fact: I'm also a former MUGEN developer
that makes screenpacks, stages, storyboards
and also MKP editor (private), before I
contribute here in VGMRips.

Also, when you try to raw-log it, it plays
the bank data incorrectly. Like I said,
it uses bank switching to play some of the
musics correctly.

theres a company named atop, it is seen in the
title screen of the game. atop is a division
of kaneko. and i think they worked on this
game, and blood warrior.

It began in 1992 when Street Fighter II
released, then followed by this game. Along
with the sequel, Blood Warrior which released
in 1994.

VS screen track names roughly translates to
"Hey!" which I think it's the appropriate
word for a japanese romaji called "tehendaa!"
Results screen are roughly translates to
"Isn't it Dashing?" cuz dashing means "inase"
and, "da" is some shorter version of desu that
used to express in state of being polite. And
"ne" is used when you're agreed to what you
said. If you're japanese, correct me if i'm
wrong. Track 19's I can't translate it to
english. There's a difference between english
and the japanese music name of this track. The
english one have two exclamation mark, while
the japanese one doesn't. And also hard to
translate. "teyandee" politely translates
to stop, or you got me, another word for this.
So there's no english translation of this.
It's like a aggressive expression of someone.
"berabome or beraboume" translates to a
aggresive slang word that means "F* you!"
or "You are an id**t!". Can be translate
politely to "you are ridiculous" or "you're
a fool".

Track listing are based in-game order when
you played it the first-time. Also, track
names are taken from "FUJIYAMA BUSTER
[PCCB-00107] as part of Scitron's G.S.M. 1500
Series." and it's written in Japanese.

Although, it seems that Tatsuya Watanabe
did this soundtrack by himself as seen
in the staff roll. But no. Yasushi Wada
also helped Watanabe too, as seen in the OST
release. Other composers such as Phil Nicolas,
Andrew Miller, Dane Jeffries, Aaron Briggs, and
N. Shlton, are part of the library music that
Watanabe and Wada used, if i'm not wrong.

Note: This game uses ADPCM stream to play the
musics, and seeking does not working properly.
It plays only one channel for the musics, and
the other one is for sound effects. To be
clear, OKI#1 chip plays SFX while OKI#2 for
the musics.

Generated by MAME 0.244 VGM mod

Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 38.8 MB -> 2.01 MB (5.19 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 2.01 MB -> 2.01 MB (100.0 %)
Total: 38.8 MB -> 2.01 MB (5.19 %)

External links:
Hardcore Gaming 101:
My MUGEN port version of this game:


Source: VGMRips

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