Sound chip: YM2151
System: Arcade Machine
Composers: Brian Johnston (AMI) Tim Wright Unknown (AC) Various
Developers: DMA Design (Original) T R Development Inc. (AC)
Publisher: Data East
Release date: 1991
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2019-09-09 Paul999 Initial release.
1.01 2020-02-08 Valley Bell Stripped unused OKIM6295.
3 ratings • 309 downloads • 1799 views
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This pack was made using MAME0188 VGM mod.

The music is slower, the music quality is
lower, there are some new songs, and the songs
are apparently not finished.

In track 14: If the music comes forward and its
pitch goes up that is repeated over the larger.
And that will not last in hard hours in
log this track, because it lasts 6 minutes and


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