Maniac Mansion

Version Date Author Description
1.00 2016-02-12 Kirishima Initial release.
1.05 2022-08-11 marklincadet Track titles and credits.
6 ratings • 836 downloads • 5018 views
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Tracks names and order were improvised.
Japanese Titles were mostly generated from
Google Translate.

This was ripped from the Lucas Arts version of
Maniac Mansion. The Japanese version of Maniac
Mansion had a different soundtrack and a
drastically different appearance.

Ripper with NEZplug v0.9.4.8 + 2 + 19.20.

The in-game credits actually contain track
titles and composer credits, which are now the
main track titles (the "improvised" titles are
the ones in brackets).

Dr Fred's Theme was referred to as such by
George Sanger in a YouTube comment. The theme
doesn't show up in the in-game credits, since
it's unused.


Source: VGMRips

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