Maniac Mansion (J)

Sound chip: NES APU
System: Family Computer
Composers: John Stafford Smith Tsukasa Tawada Chris Grigg David Lawrence
Developer: Jaleco
Publisher: Jaleco
Release date: 1988-06-23
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2023-05-28 RN22 Initial release.
1.01 2023-06-10 RN22 Added 2 composers, specifically for the Maniac Theme, as marklincadet stated.
1.02 2023-09-25 marklincadet Removed David Govett.
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The first Famicom game to be ever released in
Japan. Unfotunately, this, and the NES version
have differences in terms of appearance. The
NES one is more on a gruesome version, while
the Famicom version, is more on like
cartoonish version of that game.

BGMs are different too. While David Warhol
composed the musics in the US version,
Tsukasa Tawada composed the JP version of
this game.

I didn't rip the songs on NEZplay because
the FDS channel on the NES APU chip sounded
like when you open up a DVD player. Much
like a composite video thing, that's why
I chose MAME, instead of NEZplay, except
track 06, because it's missing on the
sound test from that game. And there's this
weird clicking sounds going on with the
music, maybe Jaleco didn't fixed it when
they released this game inside Japan. Or
some ROM dumpers didn't dump the game
properly. I can't do anything about it
since there's no way I can strip channels
on this chip.

Track names are taken from these YouTube
usernames "VengefulChip", and "Darth Brett".
While the japanese names are taken from
niconico user by the name of "ゲスト".

Generated by NEZplug v0.9.4.8 + 2 + 19.20
VGM Mod for Track 07, and MAME 0.248 VGM mod

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The Cutting Room Floor:,_Japan)
JP Wikipedia:マニアックマンション
EN Famicom Soundtrack:
JP Famicom Soundtrack:


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