Marvel Land

Sound chips: YM2151 C140
System: Namco System 2
Composers: Etsuo Ishii Nobuyuki Ohnogi Toshio Kai Yuriko Keino
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Release date: 1989-12
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-08-25 RN22 First WIP release.
1.01 2023-09-15 RN22 Initial release.
Size reductions
vgm_sro23 MB12.8 MB55.7%
vgm_cmp12.8 MB4.94 MB38.6%
7 ratings • 139 downloads • 428 views
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1989 game by Namco. I've seen a VGM rip
of this game, but on the Genesis tho.
This is my first VGM pack i've ever ripped
using C140 chip. I know it's difficult to
log tho. Since MAME 0.244, C140 logs are
not yet fixed, and has 2nd bytes with 00
commands onto the header. But luckily,
this was fixed using one VGM dump from
MAME 0.200. Copied the sample ROM header
from the 0.244 one, then BoxCubed fixed the
other issue, which is removing unused 00
commands from the 0.244 logged VGM file,
by hex-editing it. But, i use my fixed
raw VGM file, the same as BoxCubed's fixed
file, which is 38.4 MB in total?

Unused musics are not in the OST release,
so I've decided to add three of them. Since
it's available on M1.

Track 19, the original OST resembles the
Game Intro from Libble Rable and Main Theme of
both games (Xevious and Libble Rabble).

Track 20 originated from the game, Mappy.
First part of the song, resembles Extend
Music. The second part, is the Main Theme of
that game. Last part of the song resembles the
end of Name Entry.

Track 21, comes from New Rally X / Rally X,
and Pac-Man. The first part, is what "Game
Start" sounds like, but slower. On the other
half, resembles "Game Start" of the game, from
the arcade original Pac-Man.

Note: This VGM pack is still in beta, so
I need to decide whether do I submit this
pack, or not? since MAME 0.244 have C140
logging problems.

Update: I've managed to upload this game onto
submissions tab, but I have to re-rip track
02, due to bass part being missing.

I can't re-size reduct the pack itself, due
to my old VGMRips works was accidentally
formatted on my flash drive few years prior.

Generated by MAME 0.244 VGM mod

Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 23.0 MB -> 12.8 MB (55.7 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 12.8 MB -> 4.94 MB (38.5 %)
Total: 23.0 MB -> 4.94 MB (21.5 %)

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