Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

Sound chips: YM3438×2 RF5C68
System: System 18
Composers: Michael Jackson Unknown
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1989
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2011-06-28 Sonic of 8! Initial release.
1.50 2011-06-29 Valley Bell Added all the short tracks (jingles, dance music, ...), added round number to the BGM's tags.
1.60 2015-03-13 Valley Bell Fixed pack to comply with current standards, fixed loop of track 04.
13 ratings • 2972 downloads • 14087 views
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The game was not too much hard to rip
than Clutch Hitter is. But I don't
have any System 18 games (same apply
for the System 24).

Original musics that is not composed by
Michael Jackson, was the Artist Name blank on
GD3 tags.

Valley Bell Sonic of 8!

Source: VGMRips

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