MoonDriver Demo

Sound chip: YMF278B
System: MSX2+
Composer: naruto
Developer: BouKiCHi
Publishers: BouKiCHi naruto
Release date: 2015-04-12
01. OPL3 Demo 001 1:48 + 1:48
02. OPL3 Demo 002 1:03 + 1:02
03. OPL3 Demo 003 1:10 + 1:10
04. OPL3 Demo 004 0:57 + 0:57
05. encounter the unknown environment 2:18 + 2:18
06. TIME'S UP! 2:49 + 1:24
Total: 10:03 + 8:36
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2021-05-03 denjhang Initial release.
21 ratings • 647 downloads • 6169 views
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This pack was made using openMSX with the 
TCL based VGM ripping script.
Valley Bell converted the first four tracks
(only OPL4 VGM with FM) to OPL3 VGM.

After my test, I found that using in_vgm 0.50
and foo_input_vgm 0.40.9, all tracks can be
played normally, Some older versions of vgm
players cannot play tracks that use PCM
samples, which shows abnormal PCM sampling,
which is very unpleasant.

Note, please bring your own yrw801.rom and
place it in the same directory as the playback
plug-in, otherwise normal sounds cannot be

Track commentary:
encounter the unknown environment this track,
PCM channel only uses the sampling in
yrw801.rom, and all FM channels and PCM
channels are used. The FM (OPL3) part uses only
2-OP instruments and does not use the rhythm
I personally think that this track is of a very
high standard and its structure is relatively
complicated. It uses all OPL4 channels
(18+24=42), which fully unleashes its
potential, especially the FM part of the
instrument, which is especially like a
professional synthesizer.

TIME'S UP! This track uses a lot of custom PCM
samples, and also uses the timbre in
yrw801.rom. In order to play and record vgm in
openMSX correctly, I pondered for a long time
to make it play normally (PCM files must be
loaded twice, and then play music to make the
sound normal.


Source: VGMRips

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