Out Run

Sound chips: YM2151 SegaPCM
System: Arcade
Composers: Hiroshi Kawaguchi Jane-Evelyn Nisperos (3DS) Manabu Namiki (3DS)
Developers: Sega AM2 M2 (3DS)
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1986 / 2014-04-23 (3DS)
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2010-01-01 Valley Bell Initial release.
2.00 2010-03-03 Valley Bell Size reduction (uncompressed: 9.79 MB -> 870 KB) and extended versions of the looped songs added.
2.01 2010-10-27 Valley Bell Fixed Passing Breeze and Splash Wave (both versions). The SegaPCM clock was wrong.
3.00 2013-05-05 Valley Bell Complete rerip.
4.00 2015-05-06 ctr Added new tracks from 3D Out Run.
Size reductions
vgm_sro57.4 MB54.2 MB94.4%
vgm_cmp54.2 MB1.78 MB3.3%
59 ratings • 10015 downloads • 61885 views
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This was the first VGM v1.51 pack ever.
The first rip was made using MAME VGM 0.134.

I reripped all tracks in October 2011 with M1,
because a fix in MAME's SegaPCM emulation broke
this pack. The fixed SegaPCM core is present in
VGMPlay but disabled since then to not break
this pack.
Eventually I trimmed the tracks in January 2013
(yes, more then a year later), redid the
extended loop versions and recorded the tracks
that include SFX.
I kept the edited screenshot for historic
purposes. (It was made to fit the SMSPower.org
screenshot rules.)

Last Wave (with SFX) was made using MAME 0.144,
all other tracks with M1 0.7.9a1.

In order to record Last Wave (with Seashore
SFX) from the Highscore screen, I had to slow
the main cpu down to 10%. Else it would cut the

The extended versions of the songs are exactly
the same songs as normal, but with a longer
loop. The original loops got on my nerves.
Note: I hacked the VGM Passing Breeze
(Extended) a bit to make the loop more fluid.

These VGMs use a fixed opr-10188.71 sound ROM.
Thanks to muteKI telling me about it and to
reassembler for posting it on his website.
-Valley Bell

In 2014, Sega and M2 developed a 3D remake
of Out Run on the Nintendo 3DS, called
3D Out Run (not to be confused with Out Run 3D
on the Master System). They decided to spice
things up and commissioned Manabu Namiki and
Jane-Evelyn Nisperos (aka Chibi-Tech) to
compose two new songs for 3D Out Run.

The songs were composed for the Out Run sound
driver and hardware specifically; in fact, the
songs were burned to an EPROM and recorded
on an actual Out Run arcade board for the OST

The song data was extracted from the game ROM
and the driver was obtained from a partial RAM
dump. After some editing in a hex editor, I was
able to play the songs in Hoot and MAME, I used
MAME to log the VGMs.


Size reduction:
1. vgm_sro: 57.4 MB -> 54.2 MB (94.5 %)
2. vgm_cmp: 54.2 MB -> 1.78 MB (3.29 %)
Total: 57.4 MB -> 1.78 MB (3.11 %)

Valley Bell

Source: VGMRips

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