Pee & Gity Special

Sound chip: YM3812
System: PC/AT
Composers: D.A.C. Myung-Jin Ahn Seung-Hwan Ro
Developer: Family Production
Publisher: Family Production
Release date: 1994-12
Version Date Author Description
0.99 2013-12-05 dj.tuBIG/MaliceX Log, no tags
1.00 2015-09-27 dj.tuBIG/MaliceX Initial rel.
1.01 2015-10-03 dj.tuBIG/MaliceX DAC real name
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Playback via OCPLAY in DOSBOX 0.74 mod

This is from the SPECIAL version, released
in Korea and more widely known in Western
shareware circles.

Used the names of the stage bosses as the main
song titles. Interestingly, "Herus" actually
had no boss name and so was taken from the
original Pee & Gity game (same stage and

Interestingly the unused tracks while they
exist in the original version, they don't
play in any of the stages in this special
version. In addition, almost every track
are rearrangements from the original

Special thanks to Seunghwan(Ted) Ro, for
providing information on D.A.C.


Source: VGMRips

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