The Secret of Monkey Island

Sound chip: YM3812
System: PC/AT
Composers: Michael Z. Land Patrick Mundy
Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Release date: 1990-10
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2015-05-30 47iscool Initial release.
2.00 2015-06-01 47iscool Fixed naming, added m3u playlists.
2.20 2015-06-04 47iscool Fixed txt, added EGA demo song.
2.30 2015-07-16 Valley Bell Fixed pack to comply with current standards, moved extras into main playlist.
18 ratings • 719 downloads • 12650 views
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[1.00 Rip]
This rip is not perfect, some songs sound a
little bad with pops/clicks due to DOSBox's
Adlib emulation not emulating the sounds


[2.00 Rip]
All things considered, it should all be correct
now, mainly the naming and correcting of the
song title names was done on this cleanup.
Added two m3u's, one for the main OST & one
inside of the extras folder. Hopefully it meets
the correct standards now.


[2.20 Rip]
The 1 seconds worth of silence from the "The
Lookout" (extras folder) has been removed.
Fixed txt file info by adding url
and ASCII art.
Added the short, main theme song found in the
EGA demo.
Hopefully I'm through with this now.


My (47iscool's) Thoughts:
My main reason for doing this was because an
Adlib rip of this game did not exist, and I
really wanted one so I sought out all the the
information & tools I could, and after finding
out that DOSBox could be used to log files that
could be converted to vgm by Valley Bell's
amazing vgmtools I was ecstatic.

This is my favorite PC game afterall, so why
not make a rip and see if I could even get to
loop as a bonus? Fortunately it was possible
thanks to Valley Bell's vgmtools. So thanks for
making the tools that made this & much more

I have thought about doing a MI2 vgm package,
but the iMuse sound system makes it much more
difficult to get the actual songs without the
blending. So I highly doubt I will ever attempt


Source: VGMRips

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