Quarth (JU) / Block Game (E)

Sound chip: Game Boy DMG
Systems: Game Boy Game Boy Color
Composers: Hidehiro Funauchi Norio Hanzawa
Developers: Konami Tose
Publishers: Konami (JE) Ultra (U)
Release date: 1990-03-16 (J) / 1990-12 (U) / 2000-02 (E) (GBC Collection)
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-10-19 RN22 Initial release.
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1990 Gameboy port of Quarth made by Konami.
European Version of Quarth was renamed "Block
Game" as part of Konami's GB Collection Volume

Each ships have different BGMs depending on
which you choose. Ships 1 to 3 are assigned
to play the theme of Block Hole. While ships
4 to 6 are assigned to play the OG version
theme of Quarth.

Same as World Circuit Series. Raw VGMs are
been silent due to broken NEZplug VGM
logging. Hex-editing it to make sure the
master volume command is set to 100%.

Tracks 04 and 05 are included in the GBS rip.
So I told to myself why would I add them in
this pack? It can be heard via gameplay of
this port.

Norio Hanzawa is just basically Kazuo Hanzawa,
the same composer who did the soundtrack of
Gunstar Heroes.

Track names are based on Quarth's GBS rip and
"Konami Game Music Collection Vol.2
[KICA-1016]. Track orders are based in-game,
and GBS rip.

To be clear with the tagging, Here's an
example of this level tag:

(Ships X, X - Stage X, X)

Ships are limited up to 6. Each 3 of them
has different songs I've mentioned earlier.
Stages are consists of 9. I didn't include
the level numbering because It does not
relate to VGM tagging. Levels of this game
is just basically "the higher the difficulty,
the more you suffer". Up to 5 levels with
the same music stages from 1 to 4 (Block
Hole and Quarth Theme), and 5 to 9 (BGM 1
and Menace of the Block). It goes repeat
over and over again until you finished all
5 levels.

Again, Screenshots are taken from TCRF
because i'm too lazy to download all
the version ROMs of this game. I'm tired.

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