Revolution X

Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
Systems: Mega Drive Genesis
Composers: Stephen Lord Chris Granner Gordon Hall
Developers: Midway Rage Software
Publisher: Acclaim
Release date: 1995-11 (U) / 1995 (E)
01. Rag Doll 0:41 + 0:41
02. Up Against the Wall 0:26 + 0:16
03. Not a Through Street 0:47 + 0:46
04. The Club is Closed 0:31 + 0:31
05. Eat the Rich 1:02 + 1:02
06. Chopper Boogie 0:24 + 0:23
07. Monkey Jam 0:05 + 0:04
08. The Battle with the Natives 0:58 + 0:32
09. Charlotte's Chase 0:47 + 0:31
10. Fever 0:26 + 0:26
11. In the Crates 0:33 + 0:32
12. Factory Ceremony 0:31 + 0:23
13. The Chemical Factory 0:35 + 0:27
14. Love in an Elevator 0:07 + 0:07
15. The Battle of Mondor 0:41 + 0:41
16. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) 1:02 + 1:02
Total: 9:29 + 8:19
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2023-05-13 The789Guy Initial release.
5 ratings • 180 downloads • 681 views
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A port of Midway's arcade game featuring music
from Aerosmith. This one wasn't handled by
Probe, but rather, Rage Software (who also did
all the other console ports).

For this game, I ripped it with the BlastEm
emulator system set to "E - Europe" to see if
the songs played differently at 50hz. It
appears that some songs (namely "Rag Doll" and
"Up Against the Wall") play faster than at the
stock 60hz emulation. So if you're curious why
the songs sound different, now you know.

Some of the songs appear to be exclusive to
the Genesis port, so Granner isn't credited
for these.

Gordon Hall is credited for "additional sound"
in the credits of this port. I suspect he did
some of the music, as the PS1 and Saturn ports
credit him for "music conversion".

Oh yeah, the titles. Research indicates that
there was an official limited soundtrack
and the songs have titles.

Also: the song order. The levels that make up
tracks 7-15 can be played in any order, but
I decided to make an order that would be
the best.

One more thing: some of the songs in the
arcade release are basically digital audio.
These tracks solely credit the original
songwriters and do not credit Granner.


Source: VGMRips

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