Silent Dragon

Sound chip: YM2610
System: B System
Composer: Takaro Nozaki
Developer: East Technology
Publisher: Taito
Release date: 1992
01. Attract Mode 0:21 + 0:16
02. Player Select 0:08 + 0:08
03. Stage 1 1:18 + 1:13
04. Boss 0:26 + 0:24
05. Stage Clear 0:06
06. Stage 2 3:00 + 1:29
07. Stage 3 1:22 + 1:12
08. Stage 4 1:31 + 1:22
09. Last Stage 1:32 + 1:14
10. Last Boss 0:41 + 0:37
11. Ending ~ Credits 1:29
12. Game Over 0:06
Total: 11:53 + 7:51
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2014-12-08 The Golden Horse Initial release.
10 ratings • 897 downloads • 5823 views
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 MAME 0.152 (modded by Valley Bell)

East Technology is an outfit one may consider
more than a bit lackluster. By far their most
famous product is the original arcade version
of "Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone,"
whose Western releases infamously required you
to use real money to buy from in-game shops
(predating the microtransactions of today), but
they had quite a few other arcade games
released which are far more obscure. One of
them is "Operation Wolf 3," which used
digitized graphics of the (Japanese) staff
members for the enemies and which also has a
pack here (by GTheGuardian). Another one of
these games is their second attempt at a
beat-'em-up, "Silent Dragon."

And boy, it is clunky. It uses a scaling effect
for characters going in and out of the screen
which isn't accomplished very well. The 
raphics in general are sloppy. One of the four
playable characters is literally just a
headswap of another. The hitboxes are odd. The
hit stun is off enough that enemies can
occasionally punch you mid-combo. One boss is
literally just Jagi from "Fist of the North
Star," without the slightest effort to make him
look different. And the plot is hilariously
stupid even by the standards of the genre.

But the music stands tall above everything
else. For one thing, it's obviously influenced
by hip-hop in not only its beats, but its use
of samples. (The sample credits are longer than
the rest of the credits sequence!) For another,
it's just fun to listen to regardless of
context. I know the sample usage means its
legality may be dubious, but this music could
really use a soundtrack release. At least it's
got this pack as a consolation prize! You'll be
able to listen to it at any time assuming you
have access to the VGMRips web player or have
either VGMPlay or in_vgm. Do note, though, that
since there is no soundtrack release, the track
titles are based on where the music plays


The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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