Sound chip: YM2610
System: X System
Composers: Akira Inoue Takaro Nozaki
Developer: East Technology
Publisher: East Technology
Release date: 1989
01. ITG - 2 = Zero (Credit) 0:03
02. Brain Dump (Stage Start) 0:06
03. Speshul Atak Younit (Chapter 1: Round-37 Takes Off!) 1:18 + 0:52
04. Quest Formula (Stage 1 Boss) 0:15 + 0:13
05. Climax Without Foreplay (Chapter 2: The Rival Arrives) 1:27 + 1:00
06. Propagandasm (Stage 2 Boss) 0:42 + 0:26
07. Populism Answer (Chapter 3: Mesopotamian Nightmare) 1:53 + 1:46
08. Behold! This Face (Stage 3 Boss) 2:04 + 2:04
09. New Order (Chapter 4: Save the Colony Part 1) 1:45 + 1:44
10. Corner Break (Stage 4 Boss) 0:16 + 0:16
11. Vertigo Factory (Chapter 5: Save the Colony Part 2) 1:45 + 1:28
12. Normal Deviant (Stage 5 Boss) 0:22 + 0:22
13. Aquarium Island (Chapter 6: Showdown at Tatarajima) 1:42 + 1:02
14. Fight Fire with Fire (Stage 6 Boss) 1:52 + 1:46
15. It Ain't a Plot (Chapter 7: The Underground Kingdom of Larzan) 1:47 + 1:47
16. Fake EYE (Stage 7 Boss) 0:27 + 0:14
17. 5-Count (Last Chapter: Sleep Quietly, My Friend) 1:16 + 1:01
18. Exposure Over (Last Boss) 1:09 + 1:04
19. 5.67 Billion Years of Solitude (Game Over) 0:06
20. Loving as Much as a Wound That Heals (Name Entry 1) 0:29 + 0:15
21. The Warrior and the Official (Name Entry 2) 0:34 + 0:31
22. Continue 0:12
23. Unused 1 0:38 + 0:16
24. Unused 2 0:09 + 0:08
25. Unused 3 0:03
26. Unused 4 2:11
Total: 24:19 + 18:05
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2017-12-10 The Golden Horse Initial release.
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  Gigandes Soundtrack
  SuperSweep  SRIN-1113  Sep 27, 2013
  MAME 0.152, modded by Valley Bell

East Technology's obscure shooter "Gigandes" is
notable for two things: one of the most unusual
shmup ship designs ever, a sphere that can have
weapons attached to any of four sides and fired
in four directions (which also reset when you
finish a stage, instead of upon losing a life);
and an amazing, underappreciated soundtrack.
FM synth and ADPCM samples are combined to
create music that will definitely stay with you
after you play the game, if the game's
strangeness doesn't!

Some technical notes for this pack:
* Tracks 1 and 2 each consist of one monaural
  ADPCM sample; therefore, trying to seek
  through them will not work properly unless
  you make a recording of the VGMs first. (Not
  that it matters much given these are just
  short jingles. ;) )
* Tracks 13 and 19 both have a sound
  programming bug where the tempo is not set,
  meaning that unless you play another song
  before it, they will not play at the correct
  speed in the sound test. (Thanks to
  GTheGuardian for making me aware of this!)
* Track 25, an unused song that sounds like a
  stage-clear jingle, would later be used for
  real as "The Way of Sousetsuken" in East
  Technology's later game "Double Dragon 3,"
  with additional elements included.

And now some notes on the translations, because
the track titles are quite bizarre in this
* Track 3's title is deliberately misspelled.
  The original title translates to complete
  nonsense, but rhymes with the word for
  "special attack unit". The English tag
  attempts to translate it using a similar
  "absurd misspelling" method (wrong letters
  vs. wrong kanji).
* Track 14's title is a "chengyu" (Chinese
  proverb, which is usually four characters)
  that literally means "to use foreigners to
  subdue foreigners", but idiomatically means
  "to fight fire with fire".
* Track 15 uses a literary phrase that means
  "evil plot" / "dastardy plan", and a
  completely informal (and rude!) Japanese
  ending particle used by tough-guys to add
  emphasis, hence the phrasing of the English
* Track 16 uses "manako", which means "eye" or
  "eyeball", but writes it in capitalized
  Romaji for some reason. The English tag
  preserves this odd choice.
* The title of track 19 is not literally the
  "correct" translation (it'd be a solitude
  _of_ that many years), but the Japanese title
  references that of Gabriel García Márquez's
  novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude", which
  was translated the same way. Quite a
  bizarrely literary reference for a simple
  Game Over jingle!
* Track 20's title is so bizarre I had to
  enlist the help of a friend, mauve, to
  translate it (thank you!). It appears to
  originate from the lyrics to a song by Shozo
  Ise, titled "Futari no Shūki" (二人の周期).
* Yes, that is the real title of track 5. Try
  translating it yourself! ;)

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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