Sound Blaster Series Demo Songs

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1.00 2017-09-02 NewRisingSun Initial release.
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Unlike the AdLib and Creative Music System
cards, the Sound Blaster series of cards only
came with very few demo songs, most of which
are derivative.

Tracks 10 and 17 were originally in .ROL format
on the AdLib Song Albums #1 and #7. Creative
Labs converted them to the .CMF format with
their extremely buggy ROL2CMF program, which
corrupts instrument data, and had it played by
their even more buggy SBFMDRV v1.30 that
completely ignores all volume information.
Please refer to the "Adlib Music Synthesizer
Card Demo Songs" pack, Tracks 32 and 133, to
hear how these songs are supposed to sound.


Source: VGMRips

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