Street Fighter EX / Street Fighter EX plus

Sound chip: QSound
System: ZN-1
Composers: Ayako Saso Shinji Hosoe Takayuki Aihara
Developer: Arika
Publisher: Capcom
Release date: 1996-11-30 (EX), 1997-03-31 (EX plus)
02. Street Fighter EX 0:31
03. Character Select 0:22 + 0:21
04. Rising Dragoon 1:38 + 1:18
05. Light Guardian 1:13 + 1:00
06. Spinning Bird 1:38 + 1:23
07. Cold Pipe 1:23 + 1:06
08. Strange Sunset 2:01 + 1:19
09. Sakura Mankai 1:14 + 1:13
10. Under Tube 1:10 + 1:08
11. Arabesque 1:25 + 1:22
12. Garnet Sky 1:24 + 1:14
13. Amusementive Crime 1:25 + 1:14
14. Irreconcilably 1:30 + 1:18
15. Stronger 1:18 + 1:18
16. God Hands 1:25 + 1:06
17. New Challenger 0:05
18. Stage Clear 0:05
19. Staff Roll 1:04
20. Continue 0:08 + 0:08
21. Game Over 0:04
Total: 21:05 + 16:18
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2014-04-28 The Golden Horse Initial release.
1.01 2014-05-10 The Golden Horse Updated tracks 5, 6, and 9 to use official English names; updated notes to give more accurate stage attributions.
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Street Fighter EX / Arika Capcom
Pony Canyon / Scitron  PCCB-00241  Feb 21, 1997

(Corroborated by its entry in 2012-04-22
 version of the BridgeM1 List Pack)

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Capcom's first published 3D fighter, developed
by a different company, Arika, seemed to be an
odd proposition, but proved to be a success
and introduced the Super Cancel mechanic to the
fighting game world. It also has a rockin'
soundtrack composed by three of Namco's finest
comprised largely of jazz fusion. If you have
the time, this soundtrack is well worth a

I actually did this one a year ago, but ended
up sitting on it for a while, probably because
I wanted to redo it in MAME. This ultimately
proved unworkable, however, and so I'm
releasing this pack as is. Note that some
tracks (e.g. Garnet Sky) have their loop
points later than you'd think they'd be, as
otherwise it'd cut out some notes that only
appear in loops. Also note that the soundtrack
is the same in both EX and EX plus; the second
version just makes all the time-release
characters and bosses available from the start
and also adds four secret characters,
alongside other changes that are more subtle.

Also, three tracks originally had Japanese
names: "Light Guardian", "Spinning Bird" and
"Sakura Mankai". The English tags used here
are the titles used for the arrangements
featured in the PlayStation port, "Street
Fighter EX plus Alpha". "Light Guardian's"
Japanese title, "Hikari no Shugoshin",
translates near-identically (as "Guardian of
Light"); and "Sakura Mankai's" Japanese title,
"Yozakura Mankai", translates to "Cherry
Blossoms in Full Bloom at Night"; but I
couldn't find an elegant translation for
 "Spinning Bird's" title, "Tenkyaku Buka",
which has the literal translation of "Sky Leg
Dance Song". After 2ch-H reminded me of the
official English titles, I waited over a week
to consider whether the titles are what the
composers prefer to call them in English, or
if they are just the names of the "plus
Alpha" arrangements. I ultimately decided to
use them in the English tags for this pack,
and updated them accordingly.

In any case, enjoy!

The Golden Horse

Source: VGMRips

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