Super Space Fortress Macross II (W) / Chou-Jikuu Yousai Macross II (J) / Macross II (K)

Sound chips: YM2203 OKIM6295×2
System: Arcade Machine
Composers: Kazunori Hideya Manabu Namiki Ryu Takami Akira Hirokami Nobuhiko Kashiwara Shiro Sagisu Kazuhiro Hara
Developers: NMK Gamest
Publisher: Banpresto
Release date: 1993-06
01. Title Demo 1:36 + 0:07
02. Credit 0:02
03. Mode Select ~ Course Select 0:05 + 0:04
04. Beginner Course: Stage 1 1:23 + 0:58
05. Boss BGM #1 0:21 + 0:20
06. Stage Clear 0:10
07. Stage Clear Intermission 0:05
08. Beginner Course: Stage 2 1:12 + 0:56
09. Boss BGM #2 0:33 + 0:16
10. Beginner Course: Stage 3 0:30 + 0:24
11. Boss BGM #3 1:25 + 0:21
12. Medium Course: Stage 1 0:59 + 0:53
13. Medium Course: Stage 2 1:13 + 0:57
14. Medium Course: Stage 3 2:16 + 1:01
15. Expert Course: Stage 1 0:42 + 0:29
16. Expert Course: Stage 2 1:01 + 0:57
17. Expert Course: Stage 3 1:12 + 1:11
18. Special Stage 0:38 + 0:26
19. Special Stage Boss 0:29 + 0:22
20. Course Completed (Staff Roll) 1:49 + 0:08
21. Ranking (1st) 0:35 + 0:34
22. Ranking (2nd~8th) 0:15 + 0:14
23. Continue 0:10 + 0:09
24. Game Over 0:03
25. Bad Ending (Special Stage Game Over) 0:13
26. 1P vs 2P Results 0:05
Total: 18:49 + 10:37
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2021-09-24 Dario011 Initial release.
1.01 2022-02-05 Dario011 Re-Ripped with MAME
5 ratings • 456 downloads • 2744 views
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I had planned this pack some time ago, because
this game uses a Zilog Z80 (although it
uses the PCM banks of the NMK112), but
I had some complications, among them, the sound
chips volume (OKIM6295 was more audible than
YM2203), I had to modify the vgms, with a
hex editor, I also had a "problem" that was
my fault, because I was using the VGMTools of
2013 (when using vgm_sro, it removed the PCM
samples, for some reason, but what can you
expect from an old program, and the NMK112
also gave problems for other more popular
packs like Battle Garegga), but I used the
most updated ones (from 2016), and there I
had no problem (although the final files,
with tags are quite heavy, something rare),
and finally, the tags, were not as
confusing as the Garudius '95 one...

From what I have seen in several parts,
Gamest was in the development of the game,
since he is part of the staff, and they even
give him special thanks.

I would also like to thank Valley Bell
(for explaining me how to modify the header for
the volume of the sound chips) and BoxCubed
(for teaching me how to use HxD Editor, and
how to search for hexadecimals in the vgms).

Re-ripping notes:
When I made the first long vgm
(to have all the songs and sfx in one,
I had not noticed the times and I ended up
having a vgm of 4 HOURS AND A HALF, and vgm2txt
gave me a file of 9 GB (I could not open it
with Notepad++, and I had to use another tool,
TextPad, which even crashes (due to excessive
RAM usage, as I have 8 GB of RAM, and a
very slow laptop) when I was looking for
something that should be there but does not
find it and then it crashes, and it took about
20 minutes to open it, closing everything just
for that). But then I did the traditional way
(more time consuming because of the head) but
less tedious, and I used vgm_sptd so that it
wouldn't be complicated to find the
starting point (the SSG problems, and in fact
even some songs have that delay
because of that), and then I sorted the tracks
and tags, it took me 3 days to do this
(all because of that VGM of 4 and a half
hour that I deleted right away) but here it is,
with the right speed.

Also a few days ago I saw in MAME that there
was a game called "Macross II (Korea)" and when
I found the rom and ran it, it was the same
game only with several things removed,
so I added it to this pack.

Thanks (again) to GTheGuardian
for how to use the Overclock feature of the Z80
to 8MHz *and that it remains in the vgms*
(that should be the default value, since in
other NMK games with their NMK004 it goes
to 8MHz, weird).

The track names, order and
and other details are from:
-M1 Track List, for the tags for the music.
-Macross II Original Soundtrack (VICL-315),
for the arranges of some songs, and
the original composers.
-The 100 Best Game Music
Compilation Wiki (Japanese website):

And at first I did it with MAME 0.200 VGM Mod,
but then I did this pack with
MAME 0.222 VGM Mod, but now is re-ripped with
MAME 0.236 VGM Mod and with the Z80 to 8MHz.

Size Reduction:
vgm_sro: 95.0 MB -> 27.4 MB (28.9 %)
vgm_cmp: 27.4 MB -> 11.3 MB (41.0 %)
gzip:    11.3 MB -> 11.3 MB (100.0 %)


Source: VGMRips

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