The Ooze

Sound chips: SN76489 YM2612
System: Mega Drive
Composer: Howard Drossin
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Release date: 1995-09-22 (J) / 1995 (W)
Version Date Author Description
1.01 2022-01-04 andlabs Fixed txt file for vgmrips.
2 ratings • 39221 downloads • 125 views
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I'd have ripped this set a LOT sooner, but I
had to do a music hack for it. Or so I thought,
at least. After I ripped it I sent it to
MisterHarlequin to see if he'd have better luck
with the game than I, and his first question
was "Did you get the options song?" Of course,
after discovering this, he proceeded to suck at
the game just as much as I did.

Awesome soundtrack, though. Complements Comix
Zone very well. :) -DJSW

DJ Squarewave

Source: Project2612

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