World Heroes 2 Jet (UE) / Nettou World Heroes 2 Jet (J)

Sound chip: Game Boy DMG
Systems: Game Boy Game Boy Color
Composers: Hideki Yamamoto Hiroaki Shimizu (AC) Unknown (GB / GBC) Yuka Watanabe
Developers: Betop Takara
Publishers: Takara (JE) Playmates (U)
Release date: 1995-02-24 (J) / 1995-08 (U) / 1995 (E)
01. Scriptures of Evil, Book 1 (Title Screen) 0:22
02. Exciter (Player Select) 0:53 + 0:46
03. Sacred Prayer (Opening Ceremony) 0:15
04. Blue Edge (USA, Japan Theme) 1:20 + 1:09
05. God's Grace (Match Result Demo) 0:13
06. Star Soldier (Germany, Korea Theme) 1:49 + 1:49
07. La Zozobla (Spain Theme) 1:47 + 1:47
08. The Sports of Kings (Practice VS.) 0:04
09. Earthquake (Before Kidd Appearance) 0:30
10. Earthquake (Before Kidd Appearance - Extended) 0:15 + 0:05
11. Star Sprung'd Kid (Kidd Appearance) 0:17
12. Nice Guy of the Great Seas (Captain Kidd's Theme) 1:23 + 1:01
13. Graduation Day (End Game Demo) 0:05
14. World War X (Results Demo) 0:12
15. Necrotized (Perfecting the Super Martial Art Demo) 0:07
16. Angel's Promise (Understanding the Dark Super Martial Art Demo) 0:31
18. The Devil of Kings (VS Evil) 0:05
19. Holy Battle (Ryofu Departing for Battle Demo) 0:09
20. God's Advent (Zeus Appearance) 0:29
21. The World Covered in Darkness (Zeus's Theme) 1:18 + 1:05
22. Angel of Grief (Below Health Destroying Zeus) 0:22
23. The Downfall of God (Half Health Destroying Zeus 2) 0:28
24. Mah-Mah Jan (Full Health Ending 1) 0:21
25. Journey of Pursuit Around the World (Full Health Ending 2) 0:14 + 0:11
26. Snuff Out (Game Over) 0:06
Total: 14:27 + 8:56
Version Date Author Description
1.00 2022-11-13 RN22 Initial release.
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1995 port for the Game Boy and Super Game Boy
consoles. Reprogrammed by Betop and Takara.

I did the Neo-Geo version of World Heroes 2
Jet VGM pack that's released on the site.
But I'm surprised that there's a Game Boy port
version of this, but more like chibi,
something like that. And, I've decided to rip

There's a difference between the Japanese
and EU/US port. Japanese port has an (Nettou)
on the upper left (as seen in the screenshot)
that literally means fierce fight / fighting??
(others might translates boiling water, but
no related to that kanji), while US/EU version
removed the (Nettou) sign, leaving only "World
Heroes 2 Jet" title.

Unlike the Neo-Geo port, this game's
soundtrack has a few missing tracks on it.
Maybe due to ROM space?

The ending of this port shown only 3 possible
endings, hints and special moves of each
character in the game when you played
Tournament Mode. If you defeat the last boss
with Over 75% of your health bar, "Mah-Mah
Jan" and "Journey of Pursuit Around the World"
will play instead. But, when you have beteween
75% and 25% of your health bar, or should I
say, Half a health. "The Downfall of God" will
be played. And lastly, when you have 25% or
almost KO'ed, "Angel of Grief" will be played.

Track 09 is supposed to play this track before
C. Kidd's appearance in-loop like the Neo-Geo
port was. However, in this version. It does
not loop in the .gbs file. So, I added the
extended version of it, the way it was in the
NG port.

Track names are described in my previous
WH2 Jet pack. Since Takara and Betop made
the port, I don't know who the actual arranger
on this port, so I'll just leave it unknown.

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