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Taito's futuristic Breakout
Developer Taito
Publisher Worldwide releaseArcade Machine Taito

United States of AmericaArcade Machine Romstar
Worldwide releaseNintendo Entertainment System Taito
Japan Nidecom Carry (PC-8801) JapanTemplate:MSX Taito

Composer Hisayoshi Ogura
System Arcade Machine
Sound Chips YM2149
Release date Japan 1986-06-06

United States of America 1986-12
Europe 1986

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Arkanoid Controller (known as Vaus Controller in US) for the Famicom Arkanoid (ja:アルカノイド) is a Breakout clone, which remained more popular than the original Breakout, developed and released by Taito. It was released in 1986 almost all the world.



  • Directed & Programmed by: Y.Sasabe
  • Director of Hardware & Co-Programmer: T.Sanada
  • Assistant Programmer: Toru T.
  • Graphic Designer: Onijust.H
  • Sound Composer: H. Ogura
  • Sound Effects: T.Kimijima
  • Pattern Design: A.Iwai
  • Software Analyzer: Hidegons
  • Mechanical Engineer: H.Yamaguchi
  • Publicity Supervisor: Varis.I
  • Game Designed by: Akira.F (Akira Fujita)
  • Produced by: Taito Corporation


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