Arm Wrestling

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Joystick.png Arm Wrestling
Arm Wrestling.png
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Developer Nintendo
Publisher United States of America Nintendo of America
Composer Koji Kondo
System Nintendo Punch-Out
Sound Chips NES APU, VLM5030
Release date United States of America 1985-05
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Arm Wrestling (ja:アームレスリング) is a arm wrestling game [?] developed and published by Nintendo in 1985, released only in USA. The game is known to be a spin-off of the Punch-Out!! series, as both games runs on the same hardware, and shares a lot of elements between the games (e.g.: Bosses, sound effects, music, and graphics). The game was the last Arcade game release developed by Nintendo (not counting PlayChoice-10, Vs. System and Super System games and machines), in order to focuses on NES sales.


  • Music composer: Koji Kondo (game had no verifiable credits, most of music code is from Punch-Out!!, and Kondo did the music for the Arcade version of Punch-Out!!. The only music playable in this game is left unused in Punch-Out!!).