Namco C140

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Namco 140
Manufacturer(s) Fujitsu (ASIC)
Designer(s) Namco
Release Date(s) 1987
Type(s) 8-bit PCM, compressed PCM
Amount of channels 2 (stereo)
Amount of voices 24
VGM support since 1.61

Namco 219
Manufacturer(s) Toshiba
Designer(s) Namco
Release Date(s) 1992
Type(s) 8-bit PCM
Amount of channels 2 (stereo)
Amount of voices 16
VGM support since 1.61

The Namco C140 is a custom 24-channel PCM sound chip manufactured by Namco. It was first used on the Namco System 2 board, on Final Lap, the first Namco System 2 game. The C140 is used in companion with a LC7880 or LC7881 DAC.


The Namco C219 is a variant of the C140. It has 16 PCM channels instead of 24 ones found on the original chip. It was used on the Namco NA-1 and NA-2 boards. It has the same pitch tables of the Namco C352, however, neither are compatible each other. The C219 works in companion with a LC7881 DAC.


The C140 and C219 was used on:

  • Namco System 2 (C140);
  • Namco System 21 (C140);
  • Galaxian³: Project Dragoon (Theater 6 hardware, a Namco System 21 board with some modifications, plus a LaserDisc drive) (2xC140);
  • Namco NA-1 (C219);
  • Namco NA-2 (C219)


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