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Toshiba Corporation, or simply Toshiba, is a company that provides electronic products, like PCs, TVs, mobile phones, office goods and various other products. Toshiba also created the HD DVD format, which is used as the standard media of the Xbox 360.


  • Toshiba HX-10 and HX-20, two 8-bit personal computers based on the MSX standard;
  • Toshiba HX-23, a 8-bit personal computer based on the MSX2 standard;
  • Toshiba Pasopia 7, a 8-bit personal computer;

Sound Chips


  • Toshiba EMI, a joint-venture between Toshiba and EMI Music, which acted as a record label, and acted as a game developer/publisher until 1999, when their game division was spun off to became HAMSTER Corporation, who is largely known to own the Nichibutsu, UPL, Video System and NMK's games library.