East Technology

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Joystick.png East Technology
Founded 1989?
Defunct 1994
Major Products Various Arcade games on Taito arcade boards
Key People N / A
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Company website N / A

East Technology (ja:イーストテクノロジー) was a arcade game developer. The company is known to developed various Arcade games in various Taito arcade boards, also, E.T. was one of Taito's sub-contracted third-parties, such as Kaneko, Visco, Toaplan and Daiei Seisakusho. East Technology was also a developer for some Nakanihon games. Many of E.T. developed games for Taito does not have credited the company into the game. East Technology was closed their doors in 1994, just soon after Slap Shot was released. Is unknown if their staff was moved to Taito or to another company.