FamicomBox BIOS

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This screen is very close to the FDS BIOS one! And WTF is Nintendo Entertainment System here??? - Anyone Lispector
Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Composer Akito Nakatsuka
System FamicomBox
Sound Chips NES APU
Release date Japan 1986
VGM pack page FamicomBox
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The BIOS of FamicomBox, as just says, is the BIOS of the FamicomBox Hotel Unit. It shows the game selection after this screen, and when you choose the game, it plays normally just like a NES/Famicom games, except that is timed (unless if you have switched to Free Play on their dips).

Games (bundled on MAME)


  • Body Design: M.Yukawa
  • P.C.B Design: K.Tanaka
  • Monitor Program: M.Nomura
  • General Advice: K.Nakagawa, S. Yamato
  • Sound Program: A. Nakatsuka (Akito Nakatsuka)
  • Picture Design: K.Shimizu
  • Program Assist: T.Sawano, S.Kato, M.Nagano
  • Other Assist: H.Michihata, Y.Nakanishi, T.Hibino