Kirby's Adventure

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Joystick.png Kirby's Adventure
Kirby changed to white to pink in a year.
Developer HAL Laboratory
Publisher Worldwide release Nintendo
Composer Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa
System Nintendo Entertainment System, Family Computer
Sound Chips NES APU
Release date Japan 1993-03-23

United States of America 1993-05

Canada 1993-09-27

Europe 1993-12-09

France 1993-12-09

Germany 1993-06-27

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Kirby's Adventure (ja:星のカービィ夢の泉の物語) is a platform game, developed by HAL Laboratory and released by Nintendo in 1993. The game is the second on the Kirby series, as well the first Kirby game to introduce the "Copy" ability and the introduction of recurring characters, such as Bonkers, Nightmare and Meta Knight.


  • Backdrop: Kirby inhales a enemy and throws them on them ground;
  • Ball: Kirby can bounce into enemies;
  • Beam: Kirby shoots a beam whip from his hand;
  • Cutter: Kirby throws a boomerang with a slashing power;
  • Crash: Destroys all enemies on screen and take a lot of bosses' energy. One-time use;
  • Fire: Kirby spits fire out from his mouth;
  • Fire Ball: Kirby engulfs himself into fire and dash into other enemies;
  • Freeze: Similar to Spark, but freeze enemies into a ice block;
  • Hammer: Similar to Sword, but more slower and more powerful;
  • Hi Jump: Kirby can jump more high than normal;
  • Ice: Similar to Fire, but turns enemies into a ice block;
  • Laser: Kirby shoots a laser beam from his hand. The laser reflects back into terrain;
  • Light: Make dark places visible. One-time use;
  • Mike: Similar to Crash, but can be used three times;
  • Mix: Appears only when Kirby has inhaled two or more enemies with different abilites;
  • Needle: Kirby round into self with spikes;
  • Parasol: Kirby can attack enemies with it, and can fall more slower than normal;
  • Sleep: Kirby sleeps for three seconds;
  • Spark: Kirby give out electrical sparks into his enemies;
  • Star Rod: Kirby shoots stars from the Star Rod. Used only when fighting Nightmare;
  • Stone: Kirby turns himself into a rock to kill his enemies;
  • Sword: Kirby slash enemies with a sword;
  • Throw: Similar to Backdrop, but you can throw the enemy into another enemy;
  • Tornado: Kirby spin his body very faster to create a tornado;
  • U.F.O.: Similar to Laser, but Kirby can move freely with it;
  • Wheel: Kirby transforms into a motorcycle wheel to kill his enemies.


  • Kirby's Adventure was the last game for the NES that HAL worked on;
  • Kirby's Adventure is the second game on the NES/Famicom library that surpass the 512KB (4Mbit) ROM size, which has 768KB. He is only surpassed by Metal Slader Glory, another game by HAL, which has 1MB (8Mbit) ROM size.