Konami Test Board

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Joystick.png Konami Test Board
Konami Test.png
It would be easy to understand it... IF YOU HAD LEARNED JAPANESE!
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Composer Unknown
System Arcade Machine
Sound Chips 2xSN76489
Release date Japan 1986 ~ 1987
VGM pack page Konami Test Board
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The Konami Test Board (serial number: GX800) as it just says, is a Test Board made by Konami. It was developed on the same hardware that Jail Break, and features Stereo music in 2xSN76489.


From the ones that didn't understand Japanese:

  • Screen Test (for Horizontal monitors);
  • Wide Screen Test (for Vertical monitors, but looks otherwise identical);
  • Input / Output Check (testing the switches/buttons);
  • Color Check (various color bars);
  • Sound Check (plays a remixed of the Miss and Name Entry soundtracks of Mikie)