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Joystick.png Kyugo
Founded 1955
Defunct Yes (1998)
Major Products Airwolf
Key People
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Company website N / A

'Kyugo Boueki (ja:九娯貿昁E), also called as Kyugo Trading, was a video game developer, founded at 1955, in Japan. Before the digital Arcade games era, Kyugo was selling various mechanical game machines, such as prize cranes and drink vending machines.

Later, in 1985, Kyugo started to develop arcade games.

In 1988, Kyugo started to develop and publish games for the Family Computer.

In 1991, Kyugo release their last game, Super Airwolf (renamed in USA as Cross Fire) for the Mega Drive.

In 1998, Kyugo faced a bankruptcy, and closed their business.