Lode Runner

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Lode Runner
Arcade version.
Developer Douglas E. Smith, Broderbund
Publisher Broderbund
Composer N / A
System Apple II
Sound Chips 2xAY-3-8913A
Release date United States of America 1983
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Lode Runner is a trap 'em up game made by Douglas E. Smith. It was published by Broderbund (sometimes under the Ariolasoft label), and various other companies ported it to various computers and video game consoles, mostly released in Japan, although it was originated in USA.

When Broderbund was shut off his gaming division, almost all of their titles was sold back by their creators. Until 2005, the rights of Lode Runner has brought back to Doug Smith. In 2006, Tozai Games buy the rights of Lode Runner, as well Spelunker too.

In 2014-09-12, Tozai Games was announced that Doug Smith is died. His cause of death is unknown.



An Arcade port is done, and released by Irem in 1984. This versions lacks some of original Apple II levels. All graphics was redesigned. The Arcade version also have time.


The NES version is done by Hudson, and it was the second third-party release on the Famicom. It features all Apple II levels, and also include music, made by Isamu Hirano. An Edit Mode is also included, it enables the user to create a single screen level. The Famicom version is one of the seven games that supports the Famicom Data Recorder, in order to Save and Load the levels.

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