Namco System 86

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The Namco System 86 is a 8-bit arcade system board manufactured by Namco.

Technical Specifications

Main CPU: 2xMOS Technology M6809 @ 1,5 MHz, Hitachi HD63701 @ 6,1 MHz

Sound Chip: Yamaha YM2151 @ 3,5 MHz, Namco WSG @ 24 KHz, Namco 63701X @ 6 MHz (the last one is optional).

Games Released

Release Date Game Name Developer Publisher
Japan 1986-04 Hopping Mappy (ホッピングマッピ�E) Game Studio Namco
Japan 1986-04 Sky Kid Deluxe (スカイキチE��DX) Namco Namco
Japan 1986-07 The Return of Ishtar (イシターの復活) Game Studio Namco
Japan 1986-10 Genpei Toumaden (源平討魔企E Namco Namco
Japan 1986-12

United States of America 1987-02

Rolling Thunder (ローリングサンダー) Namco Japan Namco

United States of America Atari Games

Japan 1987-02 Wonder Momo (ワンダーモモ) Namco Namco


  • Hopping Mappy does not rely on YM2151 for musics.