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Joystick.png Nippon Columbia
Founded 1910-10-01 (as Nipponophone, renamed to Nippon Columbia in 1946)
Defunct No
Major Products Music albuns, games for MSX
Key People
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Company website Nippon Columbia Japan/United States of America

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd (ja:日本コロムビア) is a Japanese record label, founded in 1910, at Japan. The company is known to release various music albuns of various genres, such as J-Rock, J-Pop, Anime music, and game OSTs. In 1984, Nippon Columbia started to release games for the MSX, but stopped it in the following year. It is also common to see the Nippon Columbia name in older The Flintstones games released in Japan. Titles such as The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy and the Taito version of The Flintstones for Mega Drive can be seen.

In 2010-01, Nippon Columbia (Columbia Music Entertainment at the time), their game business started again, and they started to release games for the Nintendo DS, and later on, for Nintendo 3DS.