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Pioneer LDC (ja:パイオニアLDC) was the entertainment division of Pioneer. Initially, it was released as a music label, but later, it was an publishing label for video games, for the LaserActive, Sony's PlayStation and Sega Saturn, as well for PCs. The most known franchise is the NOëL series, which is a series of Dating sims. Their last game was released in 2001.

In 2003, Pioneer sold Pioneer LDC shares to Geneon Entertainment. In 2008, NBC Universal was brought all of Geneon intellectual proprieties. Due to this, Universal renamed it to Geneon Universal Entertainment Japan. Now, Geneon was served as a Universal Studios publishing label in Japan. In 2013, Universal changed the name of Geneon Universal, and renamed them to NBC Universal Entertainment Japan, removing Geneon, making it an defunct label.