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Joystick.png SIMS
Founded 1991-06-12
Defunct No
Major Products Fishing games, various Sega games without SIMS being credited, mobile games
Key People Noboru Machida (former Sanritsu programmer, current SIMS president)

Yoko Wada (former SIMS composer)

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Company website SIMS

SIMS Co., Ltd (ja:シムス) is a video game company, that was born from a joint venture between Sega and Sanritsu.


In the 80's, due to a close paternship with Sega, Sanritsu developed a lot of Sega Master System and a few Mega Drive games.

In 1990, some people from Sanritsu moved to Sega, in order to form SIMS. Other employees was moved out from Sanritsu to form A.I. When SIMS is totally ready for business, they started to develop games for the Sega systems, however, many of them being uncredited. A few games was developed and published by SIMS itself, and many of them are based on a already-existent Sega game.

In 1994, SIMS started to develop games to Bandai, mainly for Sega systems, and later, for the WonderSwan.

In 1999, SIMS developed Digital Monsters Ver. WonderSwan, for the WonderSwan, a game in the Digimon series, published by Bandai. It is the first SIMS work on a non-Sega console, as well the only WonderSwan that Bandai released in English, for general Asian audience.

In 2000, SIMS developed Maboroshi Tsukiyo, an adventure game for the PlayStation. The game is published by Kaga Tech, under the Naxat brand.

In 2004, Noboru Machida took all of the SIMS' stocks from Sega, making them an independent company, but they still have some small relationship with Sega.

In 2012, SIMS released the Game Gear version of In the Wake of Vampire into the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console, making it the only third-party game in the Game Gear section of 3DS VC.