Sega Mark III

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ROMIcon.png Sega Mark III
The TRUE update of the SG-1000
Manufacturer(s) Japan Sega

South Korea Korea Oacs

Release Date(s) Japan 1985-10-20

South Korea 198?

CPU(s) Zilog Z80
Sound chip(s) SEGAVDP PSG (internal), Yamaha YM2413 (external, optional)
Music section Sega Mark III

Sega Mark III Sega Mark III (ja:セガマ�EクIII) MESS System Driver sg1000m3 is a 8-bit video game console released by Sega in Japan. It was the successor of the SG-1000 II, and can run all SG-1000 and most of SC-3000 software (not count the SF-7000 expansion). It was later released as Sega Power Base in somewhere at 1986 in North America, but internationally, it would be renamed to Sega Master System. The Mark III was another console created in order to take the Famicom's fame, but like it their predecessor, it wouldn't be a large success, most likely to lack of third-parties titles (Sega needs to reprogram most of 3rd-parties hits, or they contracted a company to port it for the Mark III, most common, Sanritsu and Compile).

Launch titles Japan


The Mark III has their PSG inside on the VDP chip. Basically, it is the same PSG that is used on the SG-1000.

Sega was released a sound expansion module, for the Mark III: The FM Sound Unit. It connects on the expansion port, located at the left side on console (where you can connect the SK-1100). The FM Sound Unit is a OPLL sound chip, used on the FM-PAC cartridge for the MSX's and in some of Yamaha's musical keyboards. The first game to use the FM Sound Unit was OutRun, but not all games for the Mark III have the option to access it. Games that can be played with the FM Sound Unit have a FM Sound Unit support symbol at bottom-left side of the game box. Some non-Mark III games (more theoretically, Master System games) support the FM Sound Unit, by default, or with cheating devices. Some games like Walter Payton Football (non-Mark III release) can crash and reset it infinitely when the FM Sound Unit is connected.

VGM Scene

A VGM Player for the Master System/Mark III is released: SMS VGM Player, by Maxim. It can play SN76489 and YM2413 VGMs. The player can be played on any SMS for any region, and can bypass the US/PAL BIOSes.

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