Seta X1-010

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ROMIcon.png X1-010
Manufacturer(s) Seta, Allumer
Designer(s) Allumer
Release Date(s) 1988
Type(s) 8-bit PCM, wavetable
Amount of channels 2 (stereo)
Amount of voices 16
VGM support since 1.71

The X1-010 is a stereo 16-voice PCM/wavetable synthesis chip manufactured by Seta and Allumer. It is supported by the VGM specification since version 1.71.

It was first used in Seta's Twin Eagle: Revenge Joe's Brother from 1988, and last used in Sammy's Trophy Hunting - Bear & Moose from 2002.

Chips manufactured after 1990 typically have Allumer markings.


This chip can play 128-sample 8-bit waveforms from RAM, or 8-bit PCM samples from up to 1MB of external ROM. While this chip is capable of stereo output, no games support stereo output.

The chip is always paired with an 8kb RAM which contains the chip registers, volume envelopes and wavetables. This RAM is often shared with an external sound CPU, if present. Caution needs to be taken when stripping sound CPU writes to RAM from VGM logs.

Limitations of this chip includes a 4-bit volume register (including envelopes), 8-bit PCM sample frequency register, and 8-bit PCM sample start/loop/end registers (samples need to be aligned to every 4096 bytes).


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